Backend for mobile engineers with Kotlin and Ktor

To create your first simple Ktor application we are going to use Ktor Framework. Ktor can be used to create a variety of server and client-side applications.

I am assuming you already have installed IntelliJ IDEA Software in your system.

In this section, we’re going to cover the basics of what a Ktor Server Application is and how the pieces all fit together.

Ktor is an asynchronous framework for creating microservices, web applications, and more. It’s fun, free, and open source.

Why Ktor??

There is following main features of Ktor Framework :

Use what you need. Ktor allows you to…


Backend for mobile engineers with Kotlin and Ktor

As you already check out my previous post about What is Ktor Framework? and How to get started?. In case of you didn’t please read this Ktor for Mobile Developers: Is it Easy to Learn Server Side Coding? Part-1.

So lets get deep dive into Ktor Framework and start solve some real world complex problem.

I am assuming you already created basic structure project.

In this section we are going to learn how to send response or accept the request in Json format.

For Json parsing we are using Jackson library. To install Json parsing library add gradle dependency in…

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